'Tango Tusanyaukire Awamu'

From L'uganda this translates to 'Come let's be happy together' or 'Come lets dance together'.


If you haven't guessed it yet Awamu means 'Together' in L’uganda the main language spoken in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

We chose it as it reflects the spirit of the way we work determined women there and the ethos that is central to this party.

Like our party, Awamu is unique as all our work (both in the UK and Uganda) is driven by volunteers, reflecting our core belief that if we all work together we can create something wonderful and even more of the vital funds raised can go to where it is needed most.

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine Together could be so magical or achieve so much.

You have now helped us to raise over £55,000 for Awamu's work with vulnerable children like Shifra and women in the slums of Kamapala.

These vital funds go to Uganda to ensure women like Nabuule (who you can meet in this film) can continue the crucial, life-saving work they do in their community.

Nabuule and volunteers like her, are the driving force behind transforming the lives of children like Fahad and Shifra in the slums of Bwaise and Kikoni.

By being part of Together, you make it possible for children like Shifra and Fahad to get an education, to be healthy and be part of a family that loves them.

Together was only able to achieve so much because of the support and generosity of everyone involved who gave their time, skills or came along to support and help out.

If you add a donation to your ticket price we will make sure that the full value of your gift is passed to Awamu.

Read more about how these vital funds will be used here.

Awamu charity number is 1174256.